Our working principles

In this respect we :

  • offer advice and information, discuss different options of dealing with conflict
  • orient, if necessary, to the relevant professional network
  • establish - if the situation so requires and if possible - contacts abroad


The best interest of the child

A conflict between parents also carries serious consequences for the children involved. To avoid that the children become the issue of parental conflict, it is essential to place their rights and interests at the center of concerns. Children have the right to maintain regular contact with both parents. And to ensure this right, we constantly strive to ease the conflict between the parents.

Children generally want to maintain contact with both parents, however, this desire is not always feasible. The fear of losing a parent or to suffer from a conflict of loyalty can affect children for many years and even into adulthood. Also, during our consultations, we are committed to regular contact between the child and both parents and always try to de-escalate the situation as our main concern is always the best interest of the child.



We take each parent seriously, their desires, their context of life, fears and intentions, their culture and values, but we do not take position. We offer neutral advice, inform parents and strive to develop solutions with them.



Our working method - both through our consultation sessions or our file-based casework - is mediation-based, i.e. using the principles and rules of communication used in the field of mediation. . As we listen without judging and want to know what fears and what real needs are behind a request or a dispute, we take into account the emotions and feelings and seek, with everyone involved, possible solutions - even uncharacteristic. Assuming that parents , if they are able to communicate in a respectful manner , are best placed to know what is in the best interest of their child, we empower them to find an appropriate solution themselves , avoiding if possible interventions of a judge or an expert. An approach based on mediation also implies that everyone recognizes the perspective of the other, that parents focus on current issues - not on old wounds - and focus their discussions on the future. The confrontation with the past can possibly be done in parallel, within couple therapy. In order to apply this working principle in practice, all employees of this centre of expertise have formal training or awareness of mediation.


A service for all

The services of our center of expertise are open to all, regardless of their financial resources. In cases of financial hardship our employees strive, wherever possible, to find the best solutions. Click here to see the cost of our services.